1. awallison:

    Good Knight: Rescue Me from My Fireproof Face, hydrocal, cast resin, acrylic paint, oil paint, twine and popsicle sticks, Andrew W Allison 2014

  2. wimpi:

    Grad project

    Combined installation with Melanie Jane

    (via adamspuryear)

  3. contemporary-art-blog:

    Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie, Pinwall Wizard, 2007 

    (via christiangfeller)

  5. artruby:

    Sebastian Wickeroth.

  6. cpdean:

    Latest series was installed in department gallery this morning - ‘I Have Always Wanted To Be A Painter’ - Critique next week. 

    Materials - Canvas,Wood, Staples, Gesso, Spray Paint. 2014. 

    Hope you enjoy! 

  9. jmbrns:

    Yayoi Kusama

    (via museoleum)

  10. danielferstl:

    installation view; parallel vienna; with titania seidl, stefan reiterer & lukas thaler; dimensions variable

  11. exasperated-viewer-on-air:

    Sean Raspet - Texture Map (Normal) (A02), 2013

    silicone polymer on lenticular lens, optical PET film, Plexiglas, steel wall mount

    dim. var.; panel: 20 x 30 inches

  12. cavetocanvas:

    Helen Frankenthaler, Grey Fireworks, 2000